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Entrainment Yoga Calgary

What is Entrainment Yoga?

Entrainment Yoga consists of seven precisely choreographed flows, each intended to awaken and balance the seven chakras. This amazing style of yoga combines asanas, pranayama, mudras, mantras, meditation in motion, coordination and mindfulness. The seven Entrainment Yoga flows were created by Shakti Mhi and are practiced alongside specially composed music, by Pepe Danza. The flows can be thought of as a meditative dance, a carefully designed sequence of asanas intended to vibrate each chakra and induce profound focus.

The powerful effects of each of the seven flows are felt immediately in elevation of energy in the body and a sensation of peace, tranquility, openness and lightness.

Entrainment Yoga synchronizes our physical, pranic, mental and blissful bodies to move in harmony and grace.

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Entrainment Classes

Meditation in Motion


Break-It-Down Flow

The flows are broken down piece-by-piece, count-by-count, breath-by-breath. The sequence is taught such that they progress much like a dance combination. There is opportunity for questions, clarification, and segmented practice to ensure confidence and improve memory. No previous Entrainment experience required.


Slow Flow

The Flows are slowed down to "hatha speed". This style will feel more like your usual yoga class. No previous Entrainment experience required - students will be guided through each posture and breath. This slow flow allows opportunities to pause and linger in some postures and to flow through others.


Entrainment Flow

These flows are the "real deal". The class is guided with key words and cues to maintain steady and focused flow. Flowing together, the class creates a meditative and highly energized state. Previous Entrainment experience is highly recommended. Cues are provided throughout the flow to remind students of the sequence of postures, as well as breath.


Learn Entraiment Yoga

break-it-down flow

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Linger Entrainment Yoga

slow flow

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Dance Entrainment Yoga

entrainment flow

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Details Entrainment Yoga

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Please wear white clothing, if possible.

About Me

On the spiritual path, it is said that there are many paths up the mountain. My paths follow the ways of yoga, qigong, meditation and tai chi. Discipline and consistency are key so you learn to change the world by changing the self. Emily teaches Classical Hatha Yoga, a traditional style of yoga with strong emphasis on safety, breathing and a meditative flow. She is also a certified Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Entrainment Yoga teacher. She often blends her yoga teachings with qigong exercises, rooted in Daoist, Medical, Wushu, and Energy Cultivation traditions. She continues to study with teachers who are inspired by their own practice in order to expand her knowledge and capacity within her teaching.

More formally, Emily trained at Prana Yoga College and is a member of the Yoga Alliance, E-RYT500 and YACEP, offering continuing education opportunities for fellow members. She has an academic background in physics, specifically using isotope science to investigate the early formation of our solar system.



Questions? Please send an e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

YES. A thicker yoga mat is recommended (but not necessary) for Entrainment Yoga as there isn’t time to adjust props while flowing through the postures.

It’s my first class. Is there anything specific I should know?

Arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to your first class so you can complete a waiver form. Bring a bottle of water and a yoga mat. A sweater or shawl is recommended for use at the end of class to ensure you are cozy and warm during final relaxation.

Do I need dance experience?

NO. The flows are rooted in classic hatha yoga tradition whereby the postures link together in perfect coordination with breath and music. It will feel as though you are dancing through the postures, in sync with your fellow classmates.

Can I still attend if I don’t wear white clothing?

YES. Entrainment is traditionally practiced while wearing white, however you may wear as much white clothing as you own. If wear white isn’t an option, you are still welcome to attend!

Why do you wear white clothing for Entrainment Yoga?

The seven flows correspond to the seven main energy centres, each of which have a corresponding colour. When all colours of light are combined, they form white light – this is what we mimic with clothing choice. As a collective, from this neutral state we can increase the vibration of any particular colour (energy centre).

Does the practice “build a lot of heat” in the body? i.e. will I be too hot in sweatpants?

The practice brings internal heat to the body through deep breathing and fluid movement through the postures. The practice is not a “work-out”. Pants/leggings and tank-tops/shirts are often comfortable for this style of practice. Clothing should follow the practice of modesty, avoid short-shorts and bra-tops.

Do I need to pre-register for class?

NO. All classes are drop-in.

How is Entrainment Yoga different than Flow or Vinyasa Yoga?

Entrainment Yoga is comprised of seven choreographed flows that are practiced in time with specifically composed music and timed breathwork. The seven flows never change. Practicing in this manner will help improve memory as you learn and become comfortable with the set sequences. Practicing Entrainment will also improve balance and coordination as it is a dynamic practice, constantly moving with the breath.

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